Award List

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Nomination Award

  1. Award for Teachers with Higher Potential.
  2. Award for Professors with Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education.
  3. Award for cutting-edge Researchers.
  4. Award for Achievement of Excellence in Career Guidance and Placements.
  5. Award for scientists.
  6. Young Scientist Award.
  7. Award for the scientists for Relentless Service.
  8. Award for Pioneer Researchers.
  9. Award for the Best Entrepreneur.
  10. Award for the Paper Presentation.
  11. Award for the Best Paper Presentation.
  12. International Excellence Teaching Award
  13. International Pride of Educationist AWARD WITH GOLD MEDAL.
  14. International Life Time Best Teaching Award.
  15. International Life Time Best Researcher Award.
  16. International Research Supervisor Award.
  17. Distinguished Student Award.
  18. Distinguished Achievement Award.
  19. Excellent Professional Achievement Award.
  20. Innovative Technologist & Dedicated Best Principal Award.
  21. Innovative Research Technologist.
  22. Young Professional Development Award.
  23. Innovative Dedicated Teaching Professional Award.
  24. Innovative Dedicated science Teacher Award.
  25. Innovative Dedicated Agriculture Award.
  26. Innovative & Dedicated Teacher Award.
  27. Distinguish Women Teacher Award.
  28. Excellent Innovative Pilot Professional Development Award.
  29. Innovative Academic Research Paper Award.
  30. Innovative Academic Researcher Award.
  31. Innovative Researcher Award.
  32. Young Researcher Award.
  33. Innovative Scientific Research Award.
  34. Best Women Teacher Award.
  35. Dedicated Best School Teacher Award.
  36. Innovative Project Award.
  37. Innovative Management Science Paper Award.
  38. Innovative & Dedicated Scientist Award.
  39. Innovative & Excellent Dedicated Journalist Award.
  40. Fellow Member Recognition Award.
  41. Dedicated Public service organisation Award.
  42. Best Biotechnologist Award.
  43. Best Microbiologist Award.
  44. Best Nanotechnologist Award.
  45. Best Soil Scientist Award.
  46. Best scientist in Water Management.
  47. Best Integrated Pest Management Award.
  48. Best Integrated Disease Management Award.
  49. Best Pest Harvest Technologist Award.
  50. Best Neem Research Award.
  51. Best Biocontrol Research Work Award.
  52. Best Award on Research on Eco-Friendly Animal Husbandry.
  53. Best Award on Organic Textile.
  54. Best Research Worker on Commercialization of Biopesticides, Bioagents,


Last date for Submission of Abstract has been Extended to 

10 November 2018

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